Are You Really Making Time for Your Students?

This is becoming a common theme in my blog, but in recent years standardized testing and grading have come to the forefront of the educational reality in most schools throughout the country. Because of this, now, more than ever, has a divide in the classroom emerged amongst students. Many students are failing because they are not receiving enough support from their teachers and thus falling behind. The most recent post from the blog I have been following has really nailed this point home.

The post I read is titled I can’t save everyone… and in this blog, the teacher realizes he is starting to fail some of his students because he is getting too caught up in the grading, data, and standardization. In his effort to keep pace with the rigorous schedule (that is far too common in the classroom) he has lost touch with some of his students and as a result, some are failing. To get an idea of what his students expect from he, the teacher decide to ask the teacher a few questions, one being ” What is one thing you’d wish Mr. Bogush would do differently in the second quarter?” One of the responses hit home. The student simply responded, “talk to me.”

The teacher came up with a solution that I can absolutely see myself using in the future. He decided to print out a roster of all his students and place a check mark next to each student he had a meaningful interaction with that day. He realized that many of the students that were failing his class were the same students that had little interaction with him. To simply put it, make time for your students. It is easy to overlook the students who need you the most. Simply because they are quite, doesn’t mean they don’t need your help. I will make a point to interact with each of my students when I have a class of my own. If I don’t, who will?


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