Sharing information helps everyone

I decided to follow a new math blog this week. The previous one I followed hasn’t posted in a few weeks and I decided to take it upon myself to see what other types of math blogs are out there. I found an interesting blog titled I Speak Math. When I came across this blog IĀ found a post about creating a pool of math bloggers providing information available in a central location. The specific blog post is titled Support Math Bloggers-MS Sunday Funday!

Teacher/bloggers covering a variety of different math subjects work together to create a selection of different blogs that can be used for ideas in the classroom. Sharing ideas is the best way to be an effective teacher. If a teacher finds a method or teaching style that works, sharing it with co-workers and fellow teachers only improves the teaching styles of everyone. I really enjoyed this blog because it provided me with some resources that I can use in the classroom.

I plan to start creating a database of resources I can use in the future. I have found numerous ideas that I feel will help me in my teaching career. Supporting math bloggers= supporting math teachers. If we share, we all succeed.

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